Why and when does leather start to peel?
Why and when does leather start to peel?

The quality of leather can last for years if properly maintained. Because real leather is animal skin, it should be properly cared for and moisturized. It can crack or peel when it starts drying out. Regularly applying a conditioner and cleaner to leather will keep it hydrated. You also need to be mindful of the humidity around the leather. Too low humidity can cause leather to become dry and fragile.

Most of the time it is not cracking in the leather, but the sealant that has been applied to the surface. Use of the wrong products to clean leather can cause it to peel, such as those that contain solvents and chemical. Even baby wipes may cause damage. Their chemicals can break down and rub the leather's topcoat.

Leather that is of poor quality, especially bonded leathers, is also more susceptible to cracking or peeling. With proper care and under normal circumstances, leather of good quality should never crack or fall apart.

Bonded skin is a lower-quality alternative to top-grain or quality leather. It is commonly used in upholstery. It is made with scraps of leather and attached to a PU overlay. Bonded leather has less elasticity and stretch than real leather. Once it reaches its stretching point, the syntheticPU overlay can be removed quite easily from the leather strip.

Fake leather, which is bonded leather, is often argued to be classified as such due to the poor quality and scarcity real leather. It is also one among the most easily to peel. Fake leather, which isn't real leather, is also a cheaper alternative made from synthetics such PU or PVC. It doesn't have the same durability and can often crack and peel after just a few weeks of usage.

Use the right products to preserve your leather's moisture and suppleness. The appearance of quality leather will not be damaged or ruined over time. Low-quality leathers and products don't have the same durability and resilience.

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